Aspen Pet Gravity Waterer


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Product Description

The stylish AspenPet Gravity Waterer  offers the perfect solution if you have to leave you cat or dog alone whilst you go out to work or even for short trips away from home.

Water is kept clean and fresh in the bottle and tops up the bowl as your pet drinks. To refill or clean simple detach the bottle from the bowl, rinse and refill with clean water.  There is no need for batteries or mains supply – its simply works with gravity and does not spill!

They are non-slip and are easily cleaned.

Available 2 sizes and 2 colours – Pearl White or Breeze Blue

Small: Holds 0.6 Gal / 2.8 Ltr – suitable for cats and smaller dogs
6.8″ X 10.4″ X 9.7″ (high) or 17.3cm x 26.4cm x 24.6cm (high)

Medium: Holds 1.2 Gal / 5.6 Ltr –  suitable for Larger Dogs and families with more than one cat
8.6′ x 12.9′ x 10.9″ (high) or 21.8cm x 32.8cm x 27.7cm (high)


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