As well as providing lots of enjoyment and affection, acquiring a pet, especially a dog, can also help you keep in good health both physically and mentally.

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There have been many studies that conclude pet ownership is good for your health in ways of exercise, boosting immunity and stress and depression reduction.  But a recent study by Harvard University, University of Western Australia and Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition (UK) found that pets can also help build social relationships and support networks.

Overall, the study found that pet owners are significantly more likely to meet new people in their neighbourhoods than non-pet owners. Around a quarter of those who met people through their pet said that this resulted in at least one new friendship rather than a mere acquaintance. Dog owners fare even better as they are five times more likely to get to know people in their neighbourhoods compared with other pet owners, with dog walking being one of the top five ways for people to meet new people.

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Pets can help their humans create friendships, find social support


How many friends has your pet introduced you to?

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